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"MONEY TREE" is mobile wallet
for simple mobile payment and cyber money

Wake your sleeping couponsMONEYTREE

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  • Easily exchange points and
    gift certificates into
    ‘Money Tree Casch’
    You can utilize various scattered points such as
    NH points, Shinhan points, Hana Money, and
    OK Cashbag by exchanging them into
    Money Tree Cash.
    Also, you can exchange your gift certificate
    into Money Tree Cash and use it to pay
    for other products.
  • All you need is Money Tree anytime, anywhere
    ‘Money Tree Cash’ can be used like cash
    at affiliated stores and can be sent to anyone
    with a mobile phone number.
    If you need cash, you can withdraw ‘Money Tree Cash’ from ATMs in subways, convenience stores, etc. If you run out of ‘Money Tree Cash’, you can top up it via bank transfer, mobile phone, Toss, etc.
  • A prepaid, rechargeable ‘Money Tree card’ that enables points to be used like cash.
    Anyone aged 14 or older can apply for the Money Tree Card and use it for online and offline payments without an annual fee.
    You can easily and instantly use it anytime, anywhere after topping it up through various methods such as mobile phone payment.
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