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GalaxiaMoneytree, a leading company in the integrated electronic payment
(PG) solution field, Based on differentiated technology We are leading the
online and offline payment market.

We engage in electronic payment, O2O business, and platform business.
Introducing Korea’s first mobile department store gift certificate By providing
nationwide convenience store-based payment services We are firmly in first
place in market share.

In addition, you can freely exchange various points, gift certificates, coupons,
etc. Through the “Money Tree app” and the “Money Tree card” based on it. We
are working to provide a more convenient and innovative payment environment.

  • Company Name
    GalaxiaMoneytree (KOSDAQ 094480)
  • CEO
    Shin Dong Hoon
  • Established
    October 5, 1994
  • Capital
    KRW 19.6 billion
  • Main Office
    #1501, 281 Gwangpyeong-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
  • Telephone
  • Fax

Main Business

  • Payment Business
    We develops and offers the most efficient electronic payment solutions that its customers need for operating electronic commerce.
  • Mobile gift cerfificate / Coupon
    We plan and offer various marketing tools, such as mobile gift certificates and coupons, to enhance user convenience and boost the sales efforts of our clients.
  • CashGate(Prepaied Brand) / CVS Pay
    We offer ‘CashGate’ service, parepaid brand, and Korea's first ‘CVA pay’ service, based on over 50,000 convenience stores.
  • Money Tree App/ Money Tree Card
    The Money Tree app is a lifestyle finance platform that facilitates point exchange, gift certificate, and coupon transactions. The Money Tree card, based on the Money Tree app, is a prepaid recharge card usable for both online and offline payments.
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