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Expectations on the Market Growth of Smart Phone’s E-Payment Transactions


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      Expectations on the Market Growth of Smart Phone’s 
                       E-Payment Transactions

Currently, the most recent hot topic in the industry is smart phone. As the news on the development and launching of smart phone applications and its related new service are pouring out day after day, we are entering into the smart phone age where so many things from phone call to business can be done with just one smart phone.


The ripple effect of smart phone can be felt much even in the e-payment industry in which I am currently working. The companies specialized in e-payment and mobile approvals are rushing to develop and commercialize smart phone e-payment solutions.


Their shift of business was triggered by the fact that there are big needs of companies and customers that are eager to use e-payment service at anytime and anywhere which used to be possible only in pc environment, as smart phones are developed to deal with the tasks that pc did in the past and the number of on-line shopping mall users increase.


In view of the trend that smart phones penetrate rapidly into other industries beyond the telecommunications area, it is certain that the mobile centric e-transactions will be boosted in connection with the wide spread of mobile internet.


E-transaction and e-payment industry that have grown with this trend will put all their strength to the development of mobile optimized technology that meets current trends, leaving the pc based e-payment service behind.


While existing pc based e-payments have been either for purchase of goods on credit card or purchase of contents through the cell phone small amount payment, the integrated payment means (e-wallet) that is simple to use, free from restrictions on kinds of goods and place through the integration of various functions will be popular in the future.


As the industry lately worked out the standards of authentication certificate that is compatible with smart phone environment, it is expected that smart phone payment will be more stable.


We look forward to the progress and growth of e-payment markets that have potential as much as smart phone markets.

By DI Kim

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